What is special ceramics

- Mar 26, 2020-

Special ceramics refer to ceramics with special mechanical, physical or chemical properties. They are used in various modern industries and cutting-edge science and technology. The raw materials and required production technology have been greatly different from ordinary ceramics. Countries call it "precision ceramics".

China's material experts recently agreed that it is better to call it "advanced ceramics".

Special ceramics can be subdivided into structural ceramics, functional ceramics and tool ceramics according to their performance characteristics and uses.

 Special ceramics, also known as fine ceramics, are generally classified into high-strength, high-temperature-resistant and composite structural ceramics and electrical and electronic functional ceramics according to their application functions.

Specially formulated inorganic materials are added to ceramic blanks, which are sintered at a high temperature of about 1360 degrees to obtain stable and reliable antistatic performance. It has become a new type of special ceramics, which usually has one or more functions, such as electricity, magnetism, Light, heat, sound, chemistry, biology and other functions; and coupling functions, such as piezoelectric, thermoelectric, electro-optical, acousto-optic, magneto-optical and other functions.