What is industrial ceramics?

- Jun 03, 2020-

What is industrial ceramics? As the name implies, it is the ceramic used for industrial production or industrial products; industrial ceramics can be divided into two categories: ordinary ceramics and special ceramics.

1. Ordinary ceramics

Building sanitary ceramics: such as common tiles, facing bricks, external wall tiles, ceramic sanitary ware (bathroom...), etc.;

Chemical ceramics: acid-resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves, acid-resistant bricks, ash, etc. used in various chemical industries;

Chemical porcelain: porcelain crucible, evaporating dish, burning boat, research body, etc. used in chemical laboratory;

Electric Porcelain: Insulator for high and low voltage transmission lines in the power industry. Bushings for motors, post insulation, low-voltage electrical appliances and lighting insulators, as well as telecommunications insulators, radio insulators, etc.;

2. Special ceramics

Alumina ceramics: used to manufacture high temperature furnace tubes, furnace linings, spark plugs for internal combustion engines, etc., can also produce high hardness cutting tools, and is also a good material for manufacturing thermocouple insulating sleeves.

Silicon Carbide Ceramics: Because of its high thermal conductivity, it is often used as a high-temperature sintered material in science and technology fields such as national defense and aerospace. Encapsulation materials for nuclear fuel, etc.

Lithium oxide ceramics: can be used to make lining bricks for electric furnaces (especially induction furnaces), thermocouple protection tubes, thermostatic parts, laboratory utensils, cooking utensils, thermal shock resistant materials, and ceramic bonding agents are also potentially used in the glass industry Value etc.

With the development of science and technology, industrial ceramics have long been industrialized so that they will not be eliminated by the times and thus integrate into our lives.