What are the specific applications of ceramics in life?

- Feb 05, 2020-

What are the specific applications of ceramics in life?


There are many applications of ceramics in life. Specifically, there are the following 9 points:


1. Ceramics commonly used in daily life: ceramic tableware, ceramic tea sets, ceramic pots, ceramic pots, ceramic pots;


2. Use as artworks: ceramic vases, ceramic sculptures, ceramic small ornaments;


3. Sanitary ceramics used in the building decoration industry—ceramic toilets, external wall tiles;


4. Ceramics for chemical experiments-porcelain crucibles, evaporation dishes, research bodies;


5. Ceramics used in the power industry-bushings for motors, insulators for telecommunications, and insulators for radio;


6. Special ceramics used in modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology—magnesite porcelain, titanite porcelain, zircon porcelain, lithium porcelain; 7. Application of ceramic materials in the field of aerospace: ceramic-based composite materials For spacecraft enclosures. Carbon fiber or silicon carbide and other ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite materials for the manufacture of spacecraft shells and rocket nozzles (thrust chambers);


7. Chemical ceramics: acid-resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves, and reactor-lined acid-resistant bricks and ash used in various chemical industries;


9. Use of high-temperature industrial kiln ceramics: Ceramics in high-temperature industrial kiln are used as refractory materials;