Understand the principle of ceramic injection molding technology

- Feb 05, 2021-

Ceramic injection molding (Ceramic Injection Molding, referred to as CIM) is a branch of modern powder injection molding (Powder Inje ction Molding. referred to as PIM) technology. It is a near-net-size ceramic plastic molding method, which is the fastest growing internationally. , It should be the most extensive precision manufacturing technology of ceramic components.

Principles of Ceramic Injection Molding Technology

Ceramic injection molding is a new process for preparing ceramic parts developed by combining polymer injection molding methods with ceramic preparation processes. Thermoplastic materials need to be mixed together during the molding process.

The ceramic injection molding process mainly consists of three links:

1. The thermoplastic material is mixed with ceramic powder to form a hot melt, and then injected into a relatively cool mold.

2. This mixed hot melt is condensed and solidified in the mold.

3. The formed green product is ejected and demolded.