The characteristics of thread guide in textile ceramic parts

- Mar 13, 2021-

Silk weaving equipment is inseparable from thread guides. High-speed production and diversification of fibers. Ceramic thread guides with higher precision, higher finish and lower energy consumption are required. In recent years, textile ceramic guide wire condyles have not only a wide variety of varieties, but also wear, high temperature resistance and no contamination. The main materials of ceramic thread guides are Al203. Ti02. ZrO2. Among them, Ti0 ceramics are used as high-speed spinning machine thread guides. Its advantage is to prevent the "white powder" generated by friction and static electricity from being used in the middle of the thread and the ceramic. The phenomenon of deterioration of grade or broken wires. This is the use of the semiconductivity of the titanium ceramic material, and the titanium material has a relatively high hardness and good friction resistance.

Ceramics have a wide range of applications in textile engineering. In addition to the above-mentioned main parts, they also include: ceramic marking nozzles. It can make spinning more stable. Gaoyou ceramic rotating element. It is used for stretching, deformation, winding and stretching process, which helps to reduce failures in continuous production. Simplify or reduce operating procedures. Ceramic skateboard: It is an indispensable part on the flat knitting machine. It has very low static and dynamic friction and excellent dry running performance.