The application of ceramic injection molding technology in science and technology

- Feb 23, 2021-

At present. Ceramic injection molding technology has begun to develop towards precision. The focus of research and development has expanded from the past high-temperature non-oxide ceramics (such as silicon nitride and silicon carbide) to oxide ceramics (such as zirconia, alumina), functional ceramics, Bioceramic products. There are more and more types, and their main application areas are as follows.

1. Precision ceramic parts for optical communication

There are mainly zirconia polycrystalline ceramic ferrules and ceramic sleeves for optical fiber connection. Because of the small size and high precision, the inner hole diameter is only 125 microns. Therefore, injection molding can only be used. At present, the ceramic ferrule and ceramic sleeve required for optical fiber connectors are mainly manufactured in China.

2. Precision ceramic parts for electronics

In the IT and electronics industries, fans need to be used to dissipate heat from components. If ceramic bearings are used in the motor in the fan, the noise can be reduced and the life span can be prolonged. It has greater advantages than metal bearings. ZrO2 and Si3N4 ceramics not only have good wear resistance, high fracture toughness, but also have certain self-lubricating properties. Therefore, they are ideal candidates for the manufacture of ceramic bearings.