How should I choose a coffee grinder? Ceramic or steel core is better?

- Jan 22, 2020-

How should I choose a coffee grinder? Ceramic or steel core is better?

Many people like to drink freshly ground coffee. Usually, in the home coffee making process, it is unnecessary to buy a coffee machine that can fully grind coffee beans. The manual grinder is the most convenient and economical choice. .


As for the choice of hand grinder or electric grinder, let's talk about it today.


A friend with a certain coffee foundation knows the importance of a grinder because he involves secondary processing, and the thickness and uniformity of the powder directly affects the flavor of the coffee. If it's just Xiaobai who just started, he doesn't advocate that the more expensive the better. After all, there is always a process. The appropriate money to buy a passing tool at least shows that you have entered the ranks of freshly ground coffee, right?


Advantages vs disadvantages of hand grinder


First, the advantages of hand grinder


1, the price is cheap: more than a hundred dollars, you can already choose a better style and wood grinder.


2. Can be used as decoration in the house: Manual grinders are mostly made of solid wood or cast iron, with beautiful style and color. In addition to grinding coffee beans, they can also be used when not in use.


3. Have an atmosphere: Three or five friends gather together, and take out a hand mill to make coffee, and increase the fun of making coffee, making the atmosphere of coffee making more atmosphere.


4. The thickness of grinding degree can be adjusted: it can ensure that the thickness of each coffee grinding is consistent. More convenient to control the grinding degree than electric grinder.


5. Wide applicability: No need for power supply, can be used at any time, whether it is at home, office or outdoors, it can be used at any time, with wide applicability.


Second, the disadvantages of hand-cranked grinder


1. Low efficiency and laborious


2. Relatively poor durability and troublesome adjustment of scale


The price of the hand grinder for entry is very cheap, but if you try to get started, don't invest too much, only about 100 yuan. You can upgrade if you like it. Friends with a lot of silver can ignore the price part, but the high-end ones are mainly conical knives, and the uniformity improvement is not obvious.


As for the choice of grinding core, the hand grinder movement is divided into metal and ceramic. The metal will heat up when it is ground, allowing the aroma of coffee beans to evaporate in advance; ceramics are fragile, but the ceramic grinding core basically does not heat up, so the aroma obtained is corrected, and coffee is exactly what its aroma and taste are From this point of view, the advantages of ceramic grinding cores are obvious. I hope everyone can choose a satisfactory grinder.