Focus of ceramic technology research and development

- May 03, 2020-

(1) Research on basic ceramic technology, such as sintering mechanism, detection technology and powder preparation technology;

(2) Research on superconducting ceramics;

(3) The thin film or amorphization of special ceramics is an effective method to improve the function of ceramics, so many countries have studied it as a main content;

(4) The fibrosis of ceramics is an important basis for the development of thermal insulation materials and composite reinforcement materials. Today, foreign countries, especially Japan, attach great importance to the research of ceramic fibers and whisker-reinforced metal composite materials. Their research is mainly focused on silicon carbide and Silicon nitride

(5) Because of its special structure, porous ceramics have attracted attention from all walks of life;

(6) The problem of compounding ceramics with ceramics or ceramics with other materials (ceramic fiber reinforced ceramics, ceramic fiber reinforced metals) is also the focus of research at this stage;

(7) Of the non-nitride ceramics, the most studied abroad are ceramic engines, high-pressure heat exchangers, and ceramic knives;

(8) With the development of emerging disciplines such as biochemistry and biomedicine, the development and research of bioceramics has become increasingly important