Factors affecting wear resistance

- Jan 15, 2020-

Factors affecting wear resistance


The wear mechanism of alumina ceramics is divided into brittle fracture wear and plastic deformation wear.

The abrasion characteristics of the former are grain shedding along fractures, and the abrasion characteristics of the latter are micro-cutting of penetrating fractures. The former has a much higher wear rate than the latter. It is hoped that the wear of ceramics is an internal factor of plastic deformation and wear of ceramic It has an important influence on the plastic deformation and wear mechanism of ceramics.

Alumina ceramic ball is a kind of friction and wear component. Its wear rate is affected by internal factors and external factors, among which internal factors have a greater influence.


The abrasion resistance of alumina ceramics is closely related to the mechanical properties and microstructure synergy of its own materials. That is, it is related to its internal factors, l modulus of elasticity I =, degree H, fracture toughness J, K, grain size, grain boundary, and porosity). In recent years, a lot of research has been done on this. The toughness and grain size of ceramics are the internal factors that have been studied the most and are most closely related to wear resistance. Toughness has a great impact on the friction and wear of ceramics. The smaller the grains, the better the abrasion resistance of sea porcelain, so wear-resistant ceramics are developing in the direction of microcrystallization. However, the cost of nano-alumina ceramics is very high, and it is difficult to popularize them in the field of engineering applications. The research focus of alumina ceramic wear-resistant materials has made breakthroughs and developments in the range of several um grain sizes.