Characteristics of thread cutter in textile ceramic parts

- Mar 10, 2021-

Thread cutting devices are commonly found in automatic winder damper scissors and tension scissors. .Automatic winder is the key equipment to improve the quality of yarn in the textile industry. In order to ensure the normal untwisting of winding ends, it must be cut by ceramic shearing before the untwisting process can be entered. The hardness of ceramic scissors is as high as 1300 ~ 3000HV, and it has the advantages of good high temperature performance, good hardness, good anti-adhesiveness, and good chemical stability.

There are two main methods for preparing ceramic scissors:

One is to use coating technology to deposit a layer or multilayer ceramic on the surface of the cemented carbide substrate. The other is to directly use ceramic raw materials through cold pressing, hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, etc.: the method is pressed.

Generally, automatic winders are equipped with 3 ceramic scissors. The largest of them is the so-called flap ceramic scissors. The shape is a long gourd-shaped large blade. Generally made of Zr02 ceramic winding material. High strength. Good toughness. Work The smooth surface is like a mirror. The blade is sharp, and the service life is 10 times longer than that of traditional gold scissors, and it is suitable for more working environments, especially when used on water looms, air-jet looms and air splicers. .No wear and no rust.