Characteristics of friction discs in textile ceramic parts

- Mar 07, 2021-

On a large texturing machine, the false twister is most like the "heart" of human beings. The friction disc is the heart of the false twister. The speed, tension, elasticity, toughness and other deformation characteristics can be adjusted. The material, arrangement and assembly of the friction disc have an important influence on the stability of the stretching process and the quality of the product. Friction discs can be divided into two types according to their materials: one is hard discs, such as full ceramic discs, plasma-coated ceramic discs and diamond seconds discs, and the other is soft discs, such as polyurethane friction discs.

The advantages of ceramic friction discs are:

1. Wear resistance, can maintain its surface structure for a long time. It can ensure the quality of filament;

2. The fixed disk is not sensitive to the running of the thread. The surface of the disk is not sensitive to the contact of metal parts (cutter or feeding hook). The type of spinning oil of the friction disk is not sensitive, and the lubricant can be freely selected. Easy Manipulation, especially at high deformation speed. It is easier to draw the wire than other types of disk gauges.

Of course, ceramic friction discs also have some shortcomings. Mainly because the ceramic surface and the filament surface are not simply rolling friction. There is also sliding friction, so the filaments in the contact area will obviously be affected. Compared with polyurethane discs, the filament tension loss is greater; when making yarn, the filament breakage rate is too high; and the ground fiber particles cause the texturing machine to malfunction.