Ceramics improve antenna performance

- Jun 24, 2020-

Without the special ceramics developed by Sarantel by Morgan Advanced Ceramics, the next-generation mobile phone antenna is impossible. Sarantel is a patent in the PowerHelix series of leading miniature antenna patents, in which the copper track deposited on a small ceramic cylinder is individually and automatically excited and trimmed to obtain the best frequency response.

Currently, this type of antenna is used for GPS applications, where its zero ground plane allows space saving in handheld and portable devices. Material + WeChat, the content is good. When installed side by side, the antenna can also be used in a combination of applications such as Bluetooth and GPS without loss of performance. However, in the mobile phone market, the PowerHelix series may be the most advantageous. The GPS receiver is built into the mobile phone handset so that the technology can be used to help emergency services respond more effectively to distress calls.