Ceramic technology and historical value

- Sep 26, 2020-

Ceramics are the unity of technology and art, and science and humanities are perfectly embodied in ceramics. Scholars engaged in the study of ancient ceramics-half are silicate experts, half are humanities experts. Ceramics are both handicrafts and the object of scientific research. Therefore, when we study ancient ceramics, we must not only appreciate the beauty of ceramics, but also understand how its beauty comes from.

Ceramic technology is in the same line, never interrupted, and still serves social life. Although the invention of plastic products has brought great convenience to human life, plastics are toxic and seriously pollute the environment. Ceramics can be used repeatedly and there is no hidden health hazard. Therefore, since the discovery of science and technology, ceramics are still indispensable items in daily life. Not only that, ceramics are also widely used in semiconductors and other high-end technology fields. .

For example, the age of the pottery or the place where it was discovered can be determined by testing prehistoric pottery clay, and the origin of the pottery clay can be found, so as to provide evidence for studying the distribution and interaction of pottery makers. Through the sorting of the archaeological typology of pottery patterns, we can understand the relative age of the remains. Through the shape of the pottery and the food or other remains in the pottery, we can understand its purpose and ancient recipes.