Application of Zirconia Ceramic Valve

- Jul 21, 2020-

At present, the valves commonly used in various industries in China are metal valves. The use of metal valves has a history of more than 100 years. Although they have also experienced changes in materials and structures during the period, due to the limitations of metal materials, the corrosion of metals caused damage to the valves. The effect period of wear resistance, reliability, and service life have a considerable impact. The effect of mechanical and corrosion factors on metal greatly increases the total wear of the contact surface. During the operation of the valve, the friction surface is due to the simultaneous The mechanical action and the chemical or electrochemical interaction between the metal and the environment produce wear and damage. For the valve, the climatic conditions of the pipeline work are complicated; hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and certain The appearance of these organic acids increases the destructive power of the surface, thereby quickly losing their ability to work.

The excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature thermal shock resistance of zirconia ceramic valves can be competent in this field. Zirconia grinding material Zirconia grinding ball has high hardness, low wear rate, long service life, can greatly reduce the pollution of grinding raw materials, can well guarantee product quality, and at the same time, the density of zirconia material is large, the impact energy when used as grinding media Strong, can greatly improve the grinding and dispersion efficiency, can effectively shorten the grinding time.

Good chemical stability determines its corrosion resistance and can be used in acidic and alkaline media. The wear rate of zirconia ceramic grinding balls researched and developed by China Academy of Building Materials Science is only 0.04/24h. It is widely used as grinding media in ball mills, vibration mills, planetary mills and stirring mills.