Application of zirconia bioceramic material in dentistry

- Jul 27, 2020-

The nobility in the porcelain tooth family-zirconia porcelain tooth, the quality of the porcelain tooth material directly affects its quality and the health of the patient, because the inner crown of the porcelain tooth is made of different metal materials, the metal inner crown It is easy to oxidize with oral saliva. Porcelain teeth made of zirconia do not have a metal inner crown, so the teeth have good transparency and excellent gloss, which is more effective in avoiding problems such as tooth allergies and gum black lines. The ability to perfectly solve the dental beauty needs of patients with severe tetracycline teeth, and the strength and toughness of zirconia make up for the shortcomings of ordinary porcelain teeth. It has good biocompatibility, does not stimulate oral mucosal tissue, and is easy to clean The best porcelain teeth at home and abroad.