Application of ceramic injection molding technology in industry

- Mar 01, 2021-

At present. Ceramic injection molding technology has begun to develop towards precision. The focus of research and development has expanded from the past high-temperature non-oxide ceramics (such as silicon nitride and silicon carbide) to oxide ceramics (such as zirconia, alumina), functional ceramics, Bioceramic products. There are more and more types, and their main application areas are as follows.

1. Precision machinery and micro ceramic parts

With the development of precision machinery and microelectronics industries, the demand for small and micro precision ceramic parts continues to increase. Included in the production of ceramic injection molding (CIM) shafts and pinion planetary gear transmissions, ceramic screws and planetary gears, and micro Oxide Hao ceramic sliding bearing. Its outer diameter is only 1.5 mm.

2. Environmental protection, chemical industry. Ceramic nozzle for metallurgy

The shape of the nozzle is complex. There are small holes inside. It requires wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) and silicon carbide (SiC) silicon argon (Si3N4) powders can be injection molded at one time. Excellent preparation performance: different shapes Ceramic nozzle.

3. Precision ceramic parts for electromechanical industry

Including a variety of alumina (Al203) system edge ceramic parts, such as integrated circuit packaging: ceramic tube for electric vacuum switch; insulating ceramic for magnetron in microwave oven, etc.