Application of ceramic injection molding technology in life

- Feb 26, 2021-

At present. Ceramic injection molding technology has begun to develop towards precision. The focus of research and development has expanded from the past high-temperature non-oxide ceramics (such as silicon nitride and silicon carbide) to oxide ceramics (such as zirconia, alumina), functional ceramics, Bioceramic products. There are more and more types, and their main application areas are as follows.

1. Bioceramic products

It mainly includes artificial ceramic teeth, ceramic fixing screws for dental implants, artificial joints, fixed crown sets, ceramic brackets for orthodontics, etc., as shown in Figure 3. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the incidence of dental malformations is about 49%, and 50-60% of families in the United States will undergo orthodontics. Orthodontic brackets must be worn. This beautiful product produced by ceramic injection molding has high dimensional accuracy and good performance. The domestic market prospect is broad.

2. Ceramics for cultural life

Ceramic powder injection molding has been successfully used in the preparation of ceramic watch cases and bracelets, such as the international brand of Chanel ceramic watches and Swiss "Radar" that will never wear the cases and bracelets of high-end watches. In recent years, the shells and buttons of high-end mobile phones have also adopted ceramic injection molding. They are all made of wear-resistant ZrO2 ceramic material. The surface roughness after polishing is controlled at about 30 nm.

3. Transparent alumina ceramic products

Many transparent alumina ceramic products have been prepared by injection molding technology, including transparent ceramic brackets for orthodontics, transparent ceramic arc luminous tubes in ceramic metal halide bulbs, and translucent alumina ceramic cups that combine practicality and beauty.