Application direction of special ceramics

- Apr 30, 2020-

Special ceramics have a wide range of uses due to their many excellent properties. According to the properties and types of materials, they are briefly explained.

(1) Special ceramics with excellent heat resistance are expected to be used as ultra-high temperature materials for high-temperature structural materials and high-temperature electrode materials related to atomic energy;

(2) Special ceramics with excellent thermal insulation properties can be used as new high-temperature insulation materials for high-temperature heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, high-temperature reaction vessels, nuclear reactors, etc .;

(3) Special ceramics with excellent thermal conductivity are very promising to be used as heat sinks for electronic devices with large-scale integrated circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits inside;

(4) Hard special ceramics with excellent wear resistance are widely used, and today's work is mainly focused on bearings and cutting tools;

(5) High-strength ceramics can be used for burners, blades, turbines, bushings, etc. of gas turbines; they can be used for machine tools, bearings, combustion nozzles, etc. in processing machinery. More work has been carried out in this area, and many countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany have invested a lot of human and material resources in an attempt to gain a leading position. Such ceramics include silicon nitride, silicon carbide, sialon, aluminum nitride, zirconia, etc .;

(6) Ceramics with lubricating properties such as hexagonal boron nitride are extremely attractive, and research is being stepped up abroad;

 (7) Research on the use of alumina, phosphorous charcoal, etc. as artificial teeth, artificial bones, artificial joints, etc. in bioceramics is attracting great attention;

(8) Some functional new ceramics (such as far-infrared ceramics) with other special purposes have also begun to play their unique role in the industrial and civil fields.