Analysis of Undershot Defects in Ceramic Injection Molding Process

- Feb 14, 2021-

In the process of ceramic injection molding, due to improper control of process parameters, or defects in the feed itself, and unreasonable mold design and other factors, it is easy to cause various defects such as short shots, fractures, holes, deformations, and burrs. Combined with the specific process, the common injection defects are analyzed and controlled. In order to improve the productivity and feed utilization rate.

The defect of underfilling means that the feed material cannot fill the entire cavity during the filling process. Generally, it is generated at the beginning of injection. It may be caused by agglomerates such as low feeding temperature or mold temperature, insufficient feeding amount, and excessive feeding viscosity. This defect can be eliminated by increasing the pre-plasticizing time, increasing the temperature of the feed, increasing the temperature of the mold, increasing the amount of feed, increasing the injection temperature and reducing the viscosity of the feed.