Analysis of Fracture Defects in Ceramic Injection Molding Process

- Feb 17, 2021-

In the process of ceramic injection molding, due to improper control of process parameters, or defects in the feed itself, and unreasonable mold design and other factors, it is easy to cause various defects such as short shots, fractures, holes, deformations, and burrs. Combined with the specific process, the common injection defects are analyzed and controlled. In order to improve the productivity and feed utilization rate.

Fracture generally occurs in demoulding. It is often brittle fracture. The main reason is that the mold temperature is too low. Or the holding pressure and cooling time are too long. The temperature of the blank is greatly reduced. The resulting shrinkage is too large, and the blank is tightly clamped on the lower punch. Under the strong impact of the mold ejection mechanism , It is easy to cause brittle fracture. By appropriately increasing the mold temperature and reducing the holding pressure and cooling time, breakage can be avoided during the demolding process.